Lease to us

Guaranteed Rent

Are you worried about renting your property?  

Put off by estate agent fees and commissions?

Possible void periods? 

Well don't.  We would like you to consider leasing your property to us for a guaranteed rental income each month paid directly to your bank. 

We won't charge commission.

We won't charge fees.

We will fully manage your property and you will have your rent guaranteed.

Socially minded organisation

We'll take care of your property and also put it to good use.  We are here for the sole purpose of helping people with Autism and the learning disabled to find accommodation and live in a supported environment. 

We work closely with our sister organisation to create safe and comfortable homes for our tenants.


Does my property have to be furnished?

It is not required to have a furnished property. 

What condition does my property have to be in?

Your property has to be in a good state of repair and ready to move in to. We'll do some minor maintenance and cosmetic work if necessary.

How much rent will I receive?

We will look at the size and location of the property and look at current rents in your area. Then we will make you an offer for your guaranteed rental income.

What happens when my lease is up?  

When it comes to the end of your term you can choose to renew with us or to take your property back. 

Get in touch

Give us a call on 07702 789026 or use the enquiry form on the home screen.